Department of Technical Education, Training & Skill Development Govt. of West Bengal


Internal complaint committee

The Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) is formed according to the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.  The ICCs functions are:
1. Hear and address complaints with fairness and without bias regarding sexual harassment at Polytechnic,
2. Awareness about gender-related issues and functioning of the ICC. 

The following members are in the committee:
1. Tapas Sen, Principal-in-Charge
2. Dr. Sangita Chakraborty Lecturer 
3. Dr. Sumita Sinha Lecturer
4. Dr. Mousumi Palit Lecturer
5. Shrabani Chakraborty Jr. Lecturer
6. Debabrata Sarkar Lecturer
7. Swarup Kayal  Lecturer
8. Firoza Khatoon Mallik Lecturer
9. Samaresh Hazra  Lecturer& TPO 
10. Tanmoy Sadhukhan Lecturer
11. Kamal Das Workshop Instructor
12. Shiuli Maji  Student
13. Rikta Bhattacharjee  Student
14. Sneha Nandan  Student
15. Mihir Dutta NGO Member