Department of Technical Education, Training & Skill Development Govt. of West Bengal


Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee of the polytechnic handles and decides on certain disciplinary matters as defined in the Rules of the polytechnic. The committee is comprised for the maintenance of discipline in the premises. The committee will ensure that students obey rules in the Polytechnic. 

The following members are in the committee:

1. Tapas Sen Principal-in-Charge
2. Dr. Sangita Chakraborty Lecturer 
3. Dr. Sumita Sinha Lecturer
4. Dr. Mousumi Palit Lecturer
5. Shrabani Chakraborty Jr. Lecturer
6. Firoza Khatoon Mallik Lecturer
7. Samaresh Hazra  Lecturer& TPO
8. Sanjib Kumar Chowdhury, HoD ME
9. Debasish Pal ,HoD EE