Department of Technical Education, Training & Skill Development Govt. of West Bengal


Anti Ragging Committee

Ragging is totally prohibited in the premises of the Polytechnic. Anyone found guilty of ragging and/or indulging ragging whether actively or passively, or being a part of conspiracy to promote ragging, is liable to be punished in accordance with AICTE Regulations 2014 and the respective consequence amendments.

The following members are acting in this committee:
1. ADM, General Civil Administration 
2. Sri Mukesh Sing OIC, Entally P.S. Police Administration 
3. Sri Subrata Chattaraj Reporter, Times of India, Kolkata-700013
4. Mihir Dutta, Connected to NGO
5. Shamim Ahmmed, All India President, Human Rights Protection Association, Kolkata-700017
6. Bodhisattwa Rakshit, Lecturer and Secretary AC 
7. Dr. Mousumi Palit, HoD PDME
8. Sanjib Kumar Chowdhury, HoD ME
9. Debasish Pal ,HoD EE
10. Dr. Sangita Chakraborty, HoD Sc. and Hum.
11. Debabrata Sarkar HoD, ETCE
12. Firoza Khatoon Mallik, HoD CST
13. Samaresh Hazra, Lecturer and TPO
14. Kalyan Kumar Mallick, Lecturer 
15. Dr. Chinmoy Patra, Lecturer
16. Md Ayub Sheikh, Lecturer
17. Swapan Chakraborty, Librarian
18. Arup Mondal, Head Clerk Office
19. Kajal Chatterjee, Non-teaching staff Office 
20. Bubai Halder, Student and Connected to NGO 
21. Aman Debnath, Student and Connected to NGO 
22. Rina Maiti, Guardian 
23. Prasanta Dutta Roy ,Guardian  
24. Sudipta Lahari ,Student 
25. Prodipto Pramanik ,Student 
26. Bobby Pandey,Student