Student Code of Conduct

(1) Minimum of 60% attendance in class is required to be eligible to sit for semester exam.
(2) Students must follow the institute time (10:30 AM to 4:50 PM) properly.
(3) Students must not damage any institute property and should be aware to keep it in order.
(4) All electrical appliances must be kept in Switch Off condition when not required.
(5) Students must maintain proper dress code inside the institute premise.
(6) Laboratory equipment must be used very cautiously.
(7) Students should not enter the laboratory with any belongings except which is required for conduct of an Experiment.
(8) Students must follow the instructions given in the laboratory by the respective technical assistant.
(9) Students should ensure proper academic environment in the institute.
(10) Students must carry their photo id card with them inside the institute premise.
(11) Students must not engage in Ragging either physically or mentally or in any other form.