Examination Committee

An Examination Committee has been formed comprising of following members and the position of each member in the committee is mentioned against his/her name.

     Name                                     Designation                                            Position in the Committee
1. Dr. Joydeep Bhattacharya    Principal-in-Charge                                            Chairman
2. Mr. Mithun Gain                    Secretary, Academic Council                             Convener
3. Mr. Arabinda Mandal            Lecturer and Examination Centre-in-Charge      Member
4. Mr. Bireswar Basak              HOD CST Department                                        Member
5. Mr. Subham Dukpa              HOD ETCE Department                                      Member
6. Ms. Gargi Biswas                 HOD (Acting) Travel and Tourism Dept.              Member
7. Mr. Rajat Naiya                    HOD Science and Humanities Dept.                   Member