Department of Technical Education, Training & Skill Development Govt. of West Bengal


Examination Committee

1.Sri Nivas Thakur - Lecturer in Electrical Engineering.Head
2. Miss. Paromita Saha - Lecture in Mathematcs
3. Dr. Partha Sarothi Sikder-Lecturer in Electrical Engineering.
4. Sri. Saikat Nath- Lecturer in Chemistry.
5. Sri. Pritam Pal- Lecturer in Civil Engineering.
6. Sri. Chayan Kumar Basak-Lecturer in Electrical Engineering.
7. Sri. Suman Adhikary-Lab Assistant in Electrical Engineering.
8. Mrs. Tanusri Pal-Lab Assistant in Chemistry. 
9. Mrs. Aparna Biswas- Group-D(engaged under agency)
10. Miss. Mitali Achari- Group-D(engaged under agency)