Anti Ragging Committee

1. Dr Sudipta Choudhury    Principal-in-charge and Convener
2. Mr. Suman Mondal          Lecturer & HOD in Mechanical Engineering
3. Mr. Suvjit Chowdhuri       Lecturer & HOD in Metallurgical Engineering
4. Mr. Sourav Chatterjee     Lecturer & HOD in Electrical Engineering
5. Mr. Shounak Das             Lecturer & HOD in Science & Humanities
6. Mr. Madhab Kaity            Head Clerk
7. Mrs. Nandita Lai              Workshop Instructor
8. Mr. Utpal Nath                  T.P.O
9. One representative from District admin                Member
10. One representative from Police admin                Member
11. Representative of Local Media                            Mr. Subhrachal Chowdhury 
12. NGO involved in youth activities                         Mr. Kalyan Kumar Kisku
13. One representative of parent                              Member
14. One student belonging to Fresher Category       Member
15. One Girl student                                                  Member