The institute offers three years diploma Engineering courses. Our objective is 
- to empower the students with the adequate knowledge of Basic Science & Technical Skills
- to develop the skill of procedural approach for decision making and designing globally acceptable
- to prepare students for different fields like industries, Research & Development, teaching etc. according to the need of society.
- to create awareness towards social, environmental and energy related issues and emphasize on effective communication skill and professionalism.
Faculty members provide quality study materials to enrich students. Mode of teaching in this institute is not only limited to the traditional Chalk & Talk methods, but also an merger of the modern method  also. The course files are distributed among the students by the subject teacher well in advance of the commencement of the class. Faculty shares the study materials among the students via websites, hand-outs etc. The biggest resource for self-learning is obviously the college library. The library also includes a computer room with internet access. This apart, students are also endowed with various resource materials by the teachers,